#ActivityPub implementors please ping me if you have not been invited to the preparation discussion for the AP round table at #FOSDEM2019

boosts appreciated. Direct invitation from people already there most appreciated :)


So bad Framasoft folks are on general assembly during fosdem.
Cause we have 3 (paid) implementors on 3 different projects (peertube, Mobilizon and slidewalker) and had an intern wrote some docs about AP (see lasts slides of framaslides.org/share/5becd025 for urls).

Maybe next year. Or if anybody wants to talk in our name, we're totally ok with that...
(Yes @how and @bram I'm thinking about you ;) )

@pyg @how (I can consider it but I have a lot of backlog to catch to be at ease with that :/)

@pyg @bram That's very unfortunate indeed. I don't want to put pressure on Bram, and it's a bit difficult for me... Maybe @Natouille would... 🤹‍♀️

@pyg where did you get the list at slide 16 of all AP implementations?

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