Hi @aral !

We've almost completed the crowdfunding of (our not-so-secret project to get our events off Facebook!)

I think Mobilizon fits perfectly with the concept.

However, as you know, we are struggling to make our actions known outside France, so - now that we don't need more money (we won't do "more" with "more money") - we need help to make the project known to non-French-speaking activists.
Can you help us?

@pyg Maybe a few ideals of how to do so :
- Post the links to non-fr groups,
- Create posters / stickers to post on the interwebs
- Talk about the project to your local orgs,
- Retoot the toot above,
- Talk about the project on other plateforms
- Make memes


Oh, maybe I wasn't very clear in my toot: the "action plan" can be obtained quite easily. Where we struggle is that as much as Framasoft is probably one of the associations of popular digital/free education in France, it has no credibility/history abroad.
Despite our size, we have absolutely no shoulders to carry this outside France (we wish to affirm our cultural specificity, and that it be respected).



Mobilizon is "only" one of the 67 projects supported by Framasoft, wich is still a ridiculously small non-profit, (including 34 for ) and we do not have the human resources to implement this plan.

3/2 ;)
Oh, and thanks for the plan, by the way! 🙏

We've discussed all this inside Framasoft, and came to the conclusion that making a lot of communications on lot of non-french-speaking medias would be too heavy for us.

As I've met @aral personnaly IRL a few times, he told me that if he could help us, he probably will. I think his audience is the one we want to reach. So... That's why I asked him some help :)

@pyg @aral I understand, but I was making a post for the people who would of wanted to help in a independent way :awesome:

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