My presentation about #framasoft to inspire the freshly started Danish initiative on free software (at PROSA København):…
The main outcome: we need to find aspects that make people interested, in a country that does not value e.g. privacy, security, and price as high than e.g. France or Germany. Green transition? Other ethical values? Ideas welcome
Thanks to @pyg for the help!



Yep, but you're lucky, cause you already have @disroot @disroot in NL and @nubo_coop in Belgium :)

Privacy is a real subject of interest in NL/BE, but from what I understand, it's less a subject in DK.


@pyg @ao @disroot @nubo_coop @alkarex
If there is any way we can help to start yet another new node out there, give us a shout. Also check it's an initiative that strives to not only promote federated service providers, but create support and solidarity network between groups running platforms.

@disroot Yes, was already mentioned in my presentation. See for an existing local node, which might be interested. I will try to meet them
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