Hello @mastohost,

I have a question :
If I have a DB dump and a medias archive, are you able to migrate an existing instance to your services ?

I'm the administrator of the instance who is actually down, and I don't want to make the sysadmin work anymore.

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@raph Hello,

Yes, in theory yes. It depends on how the pg_dump (was it custom?) was generated and other factors but in theory yes.

Let me know if you are interested in that and we can try to make that happen.

@mastohost The pg_dump was generated with :
"pg_dump -Fc mastodon_production > backup.dump"

It's a backup from a v3.0.1 ^^

@raph That's perfect!

With that, the media files and ideally (not a deal breaker) if you have SECRET_KEY_BASE, OTP_SECRET, VAPID_PRIVATE_KEY and VAPID_PUBLIC_KEY that you find in the .env.production file, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you want sign up on the website or email me and we continue via email.

@mastohost I have everything !

Just, let's me create the archive file for the medias, and I send you an email.

Just to know, for you wich plan is the best for :
21 users (only 4-5 active) / 4000 statuses since the past summer ?

@raph In theory if you are not using federation relays and your users are not following or have a large follower base, then the Light plan should be fine.

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