HELLO! I used to be Vicky Steeves, then @remram44 and I got married, so now I'm Vicky Rampin, so I'm doing another #intro #introduction

I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work: acrl.ala.org/dh/2018/04/04/rep

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss

@VickyRampin @remram44 Oh, DRAT I meant to "go" to the wedding, I forgot, did you record it?


@JordiGH @VickyRampin No because there were two buttons and I only pressed one button 😢

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@remram44 @JordiGH my dad and sister took some video so hopefully we can cut something nice together for the website :)

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