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So every time someone posts a #Giphy GIF in a chat and every time you open Giphy in your app / keyboard, Facebook will get data on you, did I get that right? Is that why a GIF collection was worth $400M?

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@ChaosSkeleton @vickysteeves I manage to get some of those through Reddit (popular websites end up on Reddit, or get posted by their author on Reddit even though they didn't set up RSS). Reddit has RSS feeds for subreddits/users.

For example since bigfootjustice.com broke I subscribe to reddit.com/user/bigfootjustice

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Websites please make you RSS feeds available

@wilkie I was wary of just turning the gc off... I am not certain how many operations can be performed truly without risk of collection

The little note in 's multiprocessing docs stating that "safely forking a multithreaded process is problematic" is no joke. Do not ignore this, your processes will freeze for no reason (in places like logging calls).

The fact that forking is the default doesn't help.

@wilkie If I'm reading this correctly (last paragraph), you are still identifying a repository snapshot ("latest") as a Git revision? Existing preservation systems usually version the branches, allowing you to access the repository as of a snapshot date (e.g. software heritage, doublegit).

@LunaDragofelis If you're going to auto-generate those with a program, a program can easily be made to parse and solve them. They can't be easily obfuscated like images can using filters

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@carbontwelve Jitsi Meet was painless to set up with Docker. Has a mobile app. Still some woes on Firefox that are being fixed on both sides

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Team #IASGE would *love* to hear about how you use version control & code hosting platforms, no matter your level of use or confidence in your skills :heart_cybre:

More info about the research: investigating-archiving-git.gi

Direct link to the survey: nyu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_

please :boost_ok:

@agateblue I'm not sure letting the user get to the signup form and fill it out, just to show him an HTTP error when he submits it, is the right workflow here. Realistically you want to take the page off (both methods) and disable the links to it...

@agateblue @carbontwelve There's no HTTP method that's allowed for that endpoint, and the request is valid (but forbidden). Those don't seem appropriate

@grainloom @lunchgirl Are there alternatives that would get him money? The whole point of decentralization is that you get to access content from your own platform, instead of going to his and seeing his ads.

I don't think there's any decentralized solution with support for monetization.


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