@sebsauvage C'est l'aimant. Attention ça va péter ton compas aussi

@timkrief @saarta @lumenwrites The original asset library has lots of non-Godot-specific assets for example Kenney's. Also I don't agree they should use the same license, in particular MIT is ill-suited for anything other than code.

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This looks like an interesting new open source tool to do qualitative research: taguette.org/

@PhieLaidMignon C'est sûrement rare que plusieurs personnes fassent un copié-collé de façon concertée. C'est souvent prescriptif ("copie-colle moi ça" ou "copiez-collez") ou descriptif d'une seule personne 🤔

@PhieLaidMignon Si tu dis "copier-coller" et "copie-colle" alors y'a pas le choix, copions-collons. En pratique tu peux dire "faisons un copié-collé" qui sonne peut-être mieux.

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Stop Waiting for Godot! Terry Cavanagh, famous indie game dev (VVVVV, Super Hexagon and more) is learning Godot next weekend and encourages everyone to do so: itch.io/jam/stop-waiting-for-g #linux #linuxgaming #gamdev #godot #terrycavanagh #learn

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I have some exciting professional news to share!

The Sloan Foundation has generously funded "Collaborating on Software Archiving for Institutions" #CoSAI, with 3 streams of work:

1) technical development on open source, decentralized toolkit for software archiving & replay; 2) community building and education on software archiving; and 3) optimizing machine and human workflows

Psyched that this is a big collaborative project, feat. the one and only @wilkie

Read more: guides.nyu.edu/blog/NYU-Wins-M

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silly computer joke 

who called it “clearing a specified set of bits using bitwise operations” and not

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#Github #Copilot gives an idea why #Microsoft paid so much for Github. They were after data: Tons of food for their AI, millions of contributors that now 'work' for MS for free.
You publish your code under GPLv3, even AGPLv3? So what? The AI learns from your code and uses it to generate code that is possibly proprietary. Does #GPL forbid this practice? (I don't think so)

That's the M$ way to break copyright law.

It's time for alternatives like @codeberg .

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I published this last night, which is a terrible time to launch a new blog post. So here it is for those who don't read their legal updates while relaxing in the evening.


QT decodedlegal: #Github #Copilot: initial thoughts from an English law perspective.

Feedback welcome!


@bugaevc It seems that those might be unreliable and unordered contrary to streams 😅


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