@David I had thought of building a bridge as an ActivityPub server, rather than the existing ones that use the Mastodon client API... The problem is probably the same though, you will certainly get blocked by Twitter once you start forwarding messages 😢

I caught myself cheering for my containers. "Go, profiler_2, you can do it!"
Maybe that's too much this week...

@stragu I think that makes a lot of sense. Same we do for ad-blocking: subscribe to a block list. Right now it's definitely a problem for smaller instances...

Hey @Humblr I support fully you providing a Tumblr alternative after their latest policy changes
However most of your instance is unmarked NSFW content from accounts with NSFW names and NSFW avatars. You are a problem in the fediverse right now.

I would suggest that you either try to enforce those rules (I understand it's a lot of work), mark content NSFW by default, or just disable federation.

@noelle isn't one report enough? Should we be mindful of their inbox, or are they aware of the issue and are refusing to take action?

@carbontwelve Please add me to ActivityPub, FLOSS, Programming, Python.

Does load toots from profiles, if no one follows it or loads any of the toots directly? Is it deferred? It seems that no toots shows up the first time I look at someone's profile

What is the fundamental difference between a task board and an RSS reader 🤔

@ZikZak Pour moi c'est dans les préférences, onglet "sécurité"

@havlatobias @tcit Actually it seems to be on the master branch, hasn't been released. I guess I'll have to wait...

Rémi Rampin a partagé

Hello mastodon peeps! Is there a mastodon that is for Astronomy specifically and generally?

@havlatobias My instance doesn't have that 😢
cc @tcit I would really appreciate it!

@havlatobias I have been dreaming of this! How does one make a column with multiple hashtags? :blobaww:

@lychee A central piece of Reddit is voting though, and that probably wouldn't work in a decentralized system...

I'm trying out but somehow servers are not showing the activity 🤔 Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is there a validation tool or something for ActivityPub?

Rémi Rampin a partagé

This is the last year of the second decade of the 2000s.

(And we still haven't come to a consensus on what 2000-2009 should be called.)

I hope the next decade is roaring again, that sounds fun.

@krozruch I didn't know about this podcast! I don't like it :/ but thanks for pointing it out!

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