I just released doublegit, a version control system for version control repositories: github.com/remram44/doublegit

The lack of threading in online discussion tools has truly become the bane of my existence.
GitHub, Twitter, Mastodon, Gmail... ☹️
GitLab sort of has it, but only if you remember to drop down a menu and click a special button before posting a comment (no way to change to a thread later).

Need to choose a new default port number for . Jupyter is 8888, RStudio 8787, Duplicati 8200...
I'm thinking 7465 ("TAGS" lookalike) but maybe something simpler like 8484 is better?

Rémi Rampin a partagé
Rémi Rampin a partagé

"Elsevier wanted to keep meeting with us, and we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), but yesterday they approached our faculty directly — faculty who are editors of Elsevier journals, who they have working relationships with — and also the media, and presented a rosy view of the offer they’d made to us. Their characterization of the offer left things out, and they didn’t mention what we’d proposed as conditions. They went public with it. So, we announced the end."

@matrix @tcit @Gargron Does that mean I lose access to history of rooms I left?

Rémi Rampin a partagé
Rémi Rampin a partagé

This is a public service announcement.

If your job uses Slack, please remember that the administrators that have been configured can view any channel and download all files and all information published, including channels that are "private" or between 2 individuals.

Your discussions are not secure and can be snooped upon, even private conversations.

In other words: there is no privacy on Slack. Period.

This is the end of this public service

(Don't ask how I know that)

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I successfully navigated my first ever contract negotiation with a publisher :blobaww:

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You know what else is rude? Telling New York Times opinion writers to go fuck themselves. But I can still do it!

Rémi Rampin a partagé

@godotengine Can I get a boost?

Looking for hobbyist game devs who use Godot to join our community: The League of Leisurely Ludological Independent Pursuits of Passion (Lollipop). Here is our mission statement: pyremonk.com/lollipop/

PM me if interested! 🍭
#godot #indiedev #gamedev #godotengine

@GerryT @vickysteeves We should definitely mention on the website that it runs everywhere. And is it ok to add our own software to Wikipedia?

Rémi Rampin a partagé

My colleague Sarah and I taught #Taguette today at Seton Hall Uni :blobcat:

Taguette is a #FLOSS qualitative analysis tool --- one of only two open and free tools in this space :toughcoffee:

Try it out -- you use it on your desktop, our server, or self-host!! taguette.fr

@kev Though Ed is the standard text editor (hence the name) but everyone knows that

@kev Vi, no question. I don't want to hear points about user-friendliness from people who save with Ctrl+O 😂

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