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On ne compte plus les titres de presse avec le mot disgracieux “grogne" (des usagers de Vélib, des gardiens de prison, etc.). Ne dévalorisez pas la contestation, laissez la grogne aux cochons. twitter.com/LeMonde_correct/st

Bonne année 2968 ! L'Algérie célèbre Yennayer, le Nouvel an berbère, décrété férié pour la première fois t.co/eJD8j69b6F twitter.com/afpfr/status/95230

Facebook has thought about using your smartphone gyroscope as a way of figuring out who you know IRL: t.co/gqPdV25o8Z twitter.com/kashhill/status/95

The name of that song was Concubine. Boy, what a day that was.

I will never forget the first time I heard Converge. A friend of mine had a sampler from a (pretty bad) music magazine, Rock Sound or what was it called. And he was telling me there was a song by this band I absolutely had to listen to.

Incidentally the ugliest album cover ever.

Half asleep on my couch & listening to the Poacher Diaries. Yeah.


RT @chr: if your computer is hot enough to cook bread on is it localtoast

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2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

I haven't been to any gig in almost three and a half weeks 😵

Guys, guys. I'm listening to that Afghan music mix tape posted on WoM's BBS some years (or perhaps even a decade) ago. Bloody good stuff.

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Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime, but sell them a license for fishing software and they will forever depend on you for their fish because they never learned to make their own fishing software and the software and hardware architecture of contemporary computers is so complex that to learn to automate something in them is an incredibly lengthy process.

This week: which to chøöse? Thanks to @sofienyland, @lifenwhatnot, @simonschre, @JerikoFox, @panda_transl, @SpicyQwin, @ASMtranslations and @Smetad_Anarkist for the translation help! It was a group effort t.co/s8fmQBPOhi twitter.com/ItchyFeetComic/sta