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@elita I'm an alien... aliens are also funny 😂

@elita she is not Londoner/british anyway, so it's okay 🤣

mexican, spanish... It's all great crazy people lol

@elita So ... MILA is 100% Mexicaaaaaaaaaaaaaan XD

@elita Honestly I thought you were married to a Londoner lol
From the face, instead, it looks very Mexican too (I think)

@elita Ah, the guy on the video is your husband? O.o
Great, now I know his face XD

@elita Pity that "the mocks" no longer exist ^^

@elita jajajajajajajajaja, Your fault that you passed me the link 🤣

@elita I also watched another video, "20$" XD

@elita ok, i think when you are drunk you speak "great" french XD
yep, I see the "drunk exibition" 🤣 😂

@elita 14 listeners... with french song... unexpectedly GREAT 😂

@elita LOL
I no longer remember French, so I do not know how to translate XD

silly things Afficher plus

@elita Is the only French song I know so far O.o

@elita Let's see if we get to 15 like the last time LOL

@elita I think your listeners don't like french songs 😂