After almost 11 years, my hdd is starting to fail. I now often get input-output errors that prevent the system from booting.

I think I should buy a new disk, but I'm wondering if I should buy a hdd or an ssd. Any opinion on that? What should I compare? What's the expected lifetime for both solutions? Any brand I should avoid or prefer? For what reasons?


@roptat I'm not sure about the relative lifetimes, but SSD's are pretty great! SATA ones are good (better than hard drives), and NVMe ones can be even better (if your motherboard supports that).

I never heard of nvme before, but I read it's based on pcie. I do have pcie slots on the motherboard, but is that enough to support nvme, or do I need support from another component?

@roptat I would guess so, but I'm unsure...

SSDs supporting NVMe come in multiple form factors, PCIe add-in cards, things with U.2 connectors, and M.2 connectors.

I think M.2 is the most popular, but keep in mind that not all SSDs that use an M.2 connector support NVMe, and not all motherboards that have a M.2 port support NVMe either...

Don't get too distracted by NVMe though, if you haven't used an SSD yet, any SSD will probably be a nice step up.

So I bought a sata ssd after all, thanks for your help 😀

@roptat I have heard that SSDs, while perfect for day-to-day use, may not match for long term storage use-case. I would recommend having HDD for long-lived data (photos, music...) and SSD for fast access (system, programs...) if you have the budget and slots

Thanks for the answer! That's certainly something I'll consider.

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