@cwebber Hi! It seems you're knowledgeable about activitypub. I'm trying to learn about it, and I'm reading the w3c documents on activitypub, activitystreams and json-ld. I'd like to send a few requests manually to better understand the client-to-server protocol, but already am blocked: I don't understand how to find an actor object with only a username and server. I found my actor object: but only by trying a few URLs. Can you help?

@cwebber I'm able to read my outbox too, and find a few examples of activities, which is nice, but I'm unable to open my inbox, I receive a 404 error instead. What am I missing? Authentication?

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@roptat You can do content negotiation for json-ld against your actor URI to find your json-ld description generally.

However many webservers, in practice, use webfinger currently for user lookup.. that's what you're probably looking for based on what you said (even though there's very good reasons it isn't mandated in the spec)

Listen to for more info on the stuff not covered in the AP doc and the other two AP episodes also help. Good luck!

@cwebber I think you're talking about this: because I read it and was able to find a link to my actor object from thank you for your quick answer! I'll listen to the podcast episodes this week-end 🙂

@cwebber well not "read it", "read the beginning of it" 😋

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