Got problems on my box installing Guix when using UEFI and GPT. But it's working alright with BIOS and MBR. I'm not anywhere near likely to use a 2TB drive anytime soon. I can live with logical partitions. Do I lose anything else if I just stick with BIOS/MBR? Any performance issues?


@neil Also have a old Notebook that doesn't work with UEFI. It's my device for testing stuff and was used as my main laptop for some years and I don't think I had any issues coming from BIOS/MBR. Don't have a comparable device with UEFI though. Missing features could be SecureBoot if you care about that.
Used it with Ubuntu and Arch, both with systemd.

@neil Rereading your post, it looks like you specifically asked for guix. Sorry, I misunderstood that, never used guix.

@tofuwabohu Thanks! Actually it wasn't Guix specific, don't know why I tagged it Guix.

Weirdly my box supports UEFI, but the UEFI/GPT install of Guix on it fails, whereas the BIOS/MBR one works fine.

So yeah, my quandary is whether I should try and fix the UEFI/GPT issue, or just roll with MBR.

Thanks for the data point that you had no issues coming from MBR.


One of my computers is under guix, with efi boot. I managed to install it without any issue. I don't really see a difference with mbr, so I'm not sure what good/bad it does me ^^

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