I've found recently that the US had a lot of nodes that come from an old import that is quite imprecise. Today I moved one of them to the correct position. How did I find this node?

You can run this query: (move the map to your city and click "run"). Then you can export (choose data and download as GPX) and put this in your phone. If you have you can then import this file in your favorites, give it a red color and fix all these points :)

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Forgot to give a description for the images: they are a before-after view of a small extract of the map. The first has a cross on the street with a label, the second has the same cross and label on a building that's now mapped as a place of worship and is shown with a different color.

Also if you're wondering, the query looks for nodes only (since only nodes were imported), that are visible (bbox) and have not been modified since 2012 (the import took place in 2009, but overpass doesn't support dates before 2012). The idea is that if such a node has never been modified, it's probably in its original position, which is probably inaccurate.

And this looks pretty bad. I found my new hobby ^^"

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