so yesterday evening I found out about a security issue in opensmtpd. I stopped my servers and reconfigured my machines. Went well on one server, except the new version of smtpd has a new configuration syntax. After updating it, it accepted to start and I had my second MX server running (the first is still down because it's a small ARM machine that's stuck building its kernel :/). Well... guess what happened this morning?

Nothing... no mail came in since yesterday, but the server was up. So I checked the logs and found that it was rejecting everything. A single word in my configuration: alias
instead of virtual. Thankfully reconfiguring was almost instantaneous this time, so I started receiving mail again. But there were too many, coming from servers (I'm part of the recipient list when mails are sent to the root user of this server).


During the night, it tried to send an email to root, which bounced at my server, so it generated a new mail to say it couldn't deliver, which couldn't be delivered either of course. For some reason, monitoring started to go crazy and send mail every 5 minutes, which added to the mess. Not sure if this is me or really bad timing, but here is a graph. I'm so sorry :/

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