Here's a question for you that could help with my research: have you ever had a incident that was related to a bad of a component that's not directly related to security (so not related to the bad configuration of a firewall for instance)?

Also, do you use any tool or process to ensure your applications are securely configured? (whatever that means for you)

Thanks for any answer you can provide :)

It seems some people had the idea of running a survey and presenting the results on that exact topic!

mis#configuration :)

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@roptat yes. So, so many. To a first approximation in my professional arc, almost all security incidents are disgruntled employees; almost all the rest are misconfigurations of "non-critical" components and/or subsystems, usually because either the pieces or the teams responsible for them (or both) were a pain in the ass to deal with so people routed around them. The rest vanish.

In my current shop we use so, so many tools. They produce good charts but no better real results.

Thank you for the answer, I appreciate that a lot! Do you have any specific example you could share? Like configuration snippets and a short explanation of what was wrong with it that made it a security issue? Would you say it was configuration of subcomponents/dependencies or of the actual thing you want to run that is the most common?

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