My experiment with bootstrapping the -build-system in is going well. I now have maven itself with all the pom files it and its dependencies come with. Next step is building some plugins before I can actually use the build system. I plan to build a simple pom-only package first that only requires the enforcer plugin. I'll need more plugins to build an actual package though.

btw, I was able to reduce the path to maven by a lot, while updating maven and some dependencies to the latest version. I found a bootstrapping issue with jdom2 (which is currently built from embedded jar files), fixed the bootstrap of junit to be able to run tests and not depend on a binary maven-related jar, and lots of good things.

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@efraim That's still 4K lines of java package definitions ^^'. And it's not enough for the maven build system to do anything useful yet.

That long ?! Oh my... I m such a baby packager... Haha !

@jeko @efraim It's not that much actually, because a normal package definition is always around 20 lines, and these definitions are actually copied from our even bigger gnu/packages/java.scm. Maven has some crazy definitions which make the file bigger, but counting the defines in that file, there are "only" 101 packages there (look at this beautiful maven-core package for instance, 144 lines for it alone ^^').

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