I managed to build a fully bootstrapped package with the build system I'm creating for now! I'm still missing a component for the installation, and the package is only a parent pom that requires only the enforcer plugin. I'll focus on the install plugin now, so I can actually install the package. Next will be an actual package, probably.

@roptat Where ‘fully bootstrapped’ means everything besides compiler?

Everything besides the current bootstrap binaries in guix and javacc (maybe some other stuff I'm not aware of) is bootstrapped when building this package (including implicit inputs of course)

@roptat Thank you for the clarification. Could you share what part of Java ecosystem is important to you to make you do all that work?

(Personally I left Java so I’m curious what drives you here‑Clojure? Kotlin/Android? Truffle? An academic/business work? Cheers.)

Building android apps is what got me interested in java. I didn't intend to do all that work, but that's how yak shaving works ^^'. Maven is a first step, then gradle will come next, as it is used by many android apps. Unfortunately, it also depends on kotlin and possibly scala, so it'll take some time.

@roptat What an epic shaving! That’s The Odyssey level journey. I wish you luck.

(Personally in such case I would buy a Pinephone and make e.g. GNOME mobile friendly but bringing Java to the reproducible world can help many other folks so your work is amazing and appreciated. Cheers.)

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