Ok, I think it's time to announce a project I've been working on for quite some time (started a bit less than a year ago): a implementation of 1.1 (expansion, compaction and flatten algorithms).

And since I haven't implemented the to-RDF and from-RDF algorithms yet, last week I started a small implementation of that I will use later:

With type definitions, a turtle parser and semantics operations!

And I just added a N-Quads parser to guile-rdf, needed to run the rdf tests of jsonld

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@roptat This is really good news👏 👏 . I wish more of the web were linked data :)

@vk thank you :) my next goal (apart from finishing the implementation with the toRdf, fromRdf and framing algorithms) is to use it to implement activitystreams and activitypub (I know jsonld is not strictly required but it's more interesting that way), and convert my website to the fediverse before my current instance goes down. Will I manage to do it? :D

Oh great, thanks! I mostly need a parser for nquads anl turtle, and a way to compare two datasets. Your projects looks useful, I'll see if I can use it as a library instead of my implementation.


Oh I see. nomunofu is useful in the case the data is bigger than memory.

Comparing two datasets seems very complex. Good luck.

My rdf-dataset-isomorphic? does that already. It works well on the small graphs in the jsonld test suite.

I wanted to implement JsonLD, which has some rdf-related algorithms. In order to test these, I needed a way to read, write and compare rdf datasets.

Since I was able to complete that goal, I released version 1.0.0 of guile-jsonld yesterday:

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