And that's the end of the Day !

Thank you everyone for participating, it's been a really great day! I hope to see you all again soon on IRC or the mailing list, and at a future Guix Day event maybe beginning of 2021 :)

Special thanks to our presenters who did very well, despite the obvious lack of preparation on our side ;)

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That was so cool ! I learnt a lot.
I regret not to have spend more time with the Guixters (I love this word) today haha.
Thank you for taking of this day !
Such a boost 💥🚀❤️

@roptat Thank you, zimoun, and everyone who helped organize it, and thanks to the speakers for the great talks!

I had a great time watching the talks this week and a wonderful day listening & discussing with everyone. It all went very smoothly, we were even on time ;-), kudos!

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