I'm currently translating the Guix documentation into Japanese, but I've been prioritizing other work this week, so I've been able to do very little.
I will resume next week.

@roptat Thank you! I hope to finish the translation of the website as soon as possible.


Tell me when you're done, I'll be happy to push it to the website! Don't hesitate if you have questions about specific strings or about the process. Before you start with the manual, have you read guix.gnu.org/manual/devel/en/h ?

@roptat Sorry, I haven't read it yet. I'll read it.

I finished reading that page. I will resume tomorrow. Does your intention to check this matter mean that there was an error in the translation method because I did not read it beforehand?

I just wanted to make sure you'd read it, because a lot of other translators did the same mistakes when translating the manual. I haven't checked your translation yet, but if there are any issues, I'll let you know. Don't worry :)

@roptat Thank you for your advice. I'll keep it in mind.

@roptat It took quite a while, but we are now at 100% progress on the Japanese language conversion in Weblate.
There were no other participants in the translation except me, but I don't think there are any critical problems.

Great! I don't have much internet at home, so I don't know when I'll be able to update the website, but I'll do it as soon as possible!

@roptat Thank you very much. I am sure there will be new things that need to be fixed once the website is actually published. Once it is eligible for the build, all I have to do is update Weblate and it will be published at a later date?

Unfortunately it's all manual. Ping me when you want to update the translation

@roptat I got it. I will try to inform you after implementing a coherent revision.

I managed to get enough bandwidth to push your translation. It should show up in an hour or two on the website :)

I just had to change one translation: "English" should be translated as "日本語" or it won't show up properly in the language list.

Other than that, it's really great work, you should be proud of yourself! Thank you!

@roptat Thank you for working on it! I look forward to seeing it published.

@roptat I was just browsing now! Thank you! But unfortunately I have found a few things that need to be fixed, so I will fix them and get back to you later.

Due to an error on my part, the links on the following pages were not working. My apologies.
It has been fixed on Weblate.



Don't worry, we all make mistakes :)

Could you also fix the first string? "English" should be translated as "日本語", otherwise the Japanese language will appear as "English" in the dropdown menu ;)

I pushed the update, along with other languages. The issues you found should be fixed in an hour or two.

@taiju Wow that's amazing ! Kudos for this huge amount of work and remarkable contribution !!

@alice Thank you very much! However, I have not started translating the manual yet, so the amount I have translated is not that much. I couldn't stay motivated and it took a long time. But I am glad that I was able to complete it.

@taiju Sure, there's always more to translate, but taking on a whole language single-handedly like you did is really great and helps lower the entry barrier for a lot of new people.

@alice Yes, I worked on the translation in the hope that the number of Japanese users would increase, and I would be happy if the translation has even a small effect.

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