I'm sorry #guix, I like your concepts a lot, but you are just too slow

@ruffni rebuilding is very slow, guix pull also takes forever for example.

I'm on a #power9 machine, so it may be early days.

At the moment, it's just not a workable solution.

Perhaps it's me.


It's more manageable on other archs where you can get substitutes. But I can't disagree that it's generally slower than most other package managers.

@roptat @ruffni I think there are substitutes now, unless I am misunderstanding. Much less than the "usual" archs though.

@mrb @roptat of course re-building the world from source takes ages - especially on a not-terribly-bloated platform. easiest thing would be to deploy your own substitute server which cross-compiles for you and let plan9 make use of your substitutes

to me the speed is a nice indicator of convenience vs trust

i like how guix makes you feel the value of trust like that

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