Yay! The new version of , a dictionary app I wrote, is now available on !

It allows you to download various sources of Japanese dictionaries and information, and use them for offline search.

This new version provides a data source for kanji stroke (KanjiVG) order and for example sentences (tatoeba). You can also navigate to the app directly after selecting some text in another app.

help translate:

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@roptat Thank you so much! I am currently using #Takoboto and have been waiting for a free software dictionary on F-Droid.

I would love to see some kind of +1 button or a word list feature. My current routine is to add new vocabulary to my #Anki deck in order of "how many times did I have to lookup this entry".

Also the Takoboto killer feature: Simple regex. Searching "操?" will yield 操作, 操縦, 操業, etc. which is super useful when you can recognize 操 but not 縦 while reading a book.

The simple regex thing is implemented in nani too :) you can do "操?", you can also use * to match zero or more characters. It's a bit expensive though, because the app has to go through many more entries.

I like the idea of having a +1 button. I also planned to have a button to directly add an entry to anki.

@roptat Ah, I used ? instead of ? since my Japanese keyboard produces ? by default.

It should be available in the next release. There was a bug on some devices, so I made a new release, which should be picked up by fdroid sometime this week

@roptat C'est cool ça, je télécharge pour tester 🙂

Merci, j'espère que ça te sera utile :). N'hésite pas à faire des retours si tu as des suggestions d'amélioration !

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