The online Day will take place on Sunday, November 22, and you can now watch the pre-recorded talks.


Or when you have time, until the 21. We will not have a dedicated time to watch them together on Sunday, instead we will have an extended Q&A of 25 (!) minutes for each subject.

Time for me to be annoying again!

The online Day will take place on November 22, and you have until November 6 to send your proposals!

If there is any subject on which you want to give a talk (15 to 45 minutes, it's up to you), please send your proposal to ``!

If you do not want to give a talk, but are willing to lead a discussion session on a specific topic during the conference, send us a message too!

The hackers are very happy to announce the first online Guix Day Conference on Sunday November, 22nd. This is open to everyone and will be held entirely online. Want to speak? Submit your proposal!

Talks will be released from the 14 to give everyone a chance to watch them, whatever their timezone.

Aujourd'hui ce sera 飛行帽【ひこうぼう】un chapeau d'aviateur :)

Je crois que quelqu'un a voulu corriger les traductions dans anki, mais c'est un peu trop littéral maintenant. Va falloir trouver où corriger ça.

Yay! I just released a new version of , a dictionary app. The new version should be available on soon.

It allows you to download the dictionaries you are interested in (language, features, source, …) and use them offline to search for anything.

I recently started to learn proper japanese phonetics, so this release is mostly motivated by the addition of pitch accent information.

Thanks to Voltrare and ZackaryCW for their support and bug reports!

During the night, it tried to send an email to root, which bounced at my server, so it generated a new mail to say it couldn't deliver, which couldn't be delivered either of course. For some reason, monitoring started to go crazy and send mail every 5 minutes, which added to the mess. Not sure if this is me or really bad timing, but here is a graph. I'm so sorry :/

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Also if you're wondering, the query looks for nodes only (since only nodes were imported), that are visible (bbox) and have not been modified since 2012 (the import took place in 2009, but overpass doesn't support dates before 2012). The idea is that if such a node has never been modified, it's probably in its original position, which is probably inaccurate.

And this looks pretty bad. I found my new hobby ^^"

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I've found recently that the US had a lot of nodes that come from an old import that is quite imprecise. Today I moved one of them to the correct position. How did I find this node?

You can run this query: (move the map to your city and click "run"). Then you can export (choose data and download as GPX) and put this in your phone. If you have you can then import this file in your favorites, give it a red color and fix all these points :)

J'avais pas fait attention, mais il y a une carte dans le magasine Liffré Cormier Communauté. Dommage qu'il manque l'attribution ;)

Ballade cartographique cet après-midi. J'ai pu rajouter pas mal de détails sur . Je vais devoir repasser au cimetière pour bien noter tous les chemins existants, je crois qu'il en manque :D

Ailleurs, j'en ai profité pour corriger les adresses, ajouter des bancs, poubelles, etc.

Et on continue, cette fois-ci on est passé au centre du village le matin, que j'ai un peu mieux cartographié sur .

Ensuite, on a fait une très chouette ballade dans la vallée du Couesnon, où je n'ai rien eu à cartographier 😀

De retour d'une promenade qui m'a permis de compléter les chemins de ce petit jardin sur

Mission accomplie ! Je suis à Hendaye pour quelques jours de vacances, et je viens de déposer quelques dépliants à la médiathèque.

Oh la folie ! On a fait imprimer quelques exemplaires en anglais, comme il y a deux ans. Ils seront présents sur le stand du

Ils sont magnifiques 😍


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