Courage ! N'hésite pas à demander si tu as besoin d'aide (ou s'il y a des problèmes de traduction, vu que je suis à l'origine de la version francophone :))

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Une série de 12 tutoriels pour savoir créer une carte personnalisée et maîtriser #uMap : création du compte, personnalisation de la carte avec ajout de repères + infobulles multimédia, utilisation de calques, partage et diffusion, etc.
À connaître !

Also, I'd like to encourage you to send a bug report to bug-guix@gnu.org. If it's your first time, you might need a human to moderate you, so it will take some time. Further messages will go through without a need for approval.

Hey I've taken a look at today. It's my first time trying to use an smt solver and I was kind of fascinated by the smtlib format. So I created a quick binding in you can find here:


It's pretty lame: you give it an s-expression, it converts it to a string, pass it to z3, and gets a string back which is parsed into an s-expression ^^"

In principle we would have to change the nar format, to add the infohash (which should be generated). We would have to think about how clients should work too: should they stop seeding after they receive the file? Should they seed by default? Is it really worth it for small substitutes?

That's the idea I had some time ago, and I started implementing guile-torrent for that. But got distracted. We could use libtorrent instead, but it's C++ and is not cheap in terms of dependencies iirc.

"This app depends on non-free apps" and "This app tracks and reports your activity" icons are not as good as the rest, but as long as you keep the text with them, it should be a cool improvement :)

Well, either you wait a few days for substitutes, or a few days for the builds to finish on your laptop…

A good strategy is to pull a commit from a few days ago. That's usually enough to get substitutes

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Hier j'ai utilisé openskimap.org pour trouver où aller faire du ski avec des enfants.
C'est encore une merveille, il y a même les plans des stations, merci les contributeurs 😘
#openskimap #openstreetmap

Ah la belle interface qui me montre pas qu'elle va mettre un cw quand j'en veux pas… c'est mieux que le contraire j'imagine…


I'm happy to announce the release of version 0.5 🎉 . It is an application whose goal is to aggregate translation platforms under one interface.


This new version adds support for translating android projects, and github repositories (the tool will automatically do a pull request for you when you're done).

I guess :)

Je suis heureux d'annoncer la sortie de en version 0.5 🎉 . Il s'agit d'une application qui permettra à terme d'aggréger les différentes plateformes de traduction.


Cette nouvelle version prend en charge la traduction des projets android et la plateforme github (l'outil fera une « pull request » pour vous quand vous aurez terminé votre traduction).

j'imagine :)

Hey I just read a short story by Ken Liu that was exactly about that. I don't know the original English title, the French is "Faits pour être ensemble" ("meant to be together" or something like that)

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There's also the nonguix channel, not maintained by guix that provides a few non free software you might want to have (including a linux kernel). I think there was a fhs service floating around, but I don't know what happened to it.

Basically, you're doing things "the old way". You oant to mutate your system state by installing a binary firefox. Ideally, you would rather have a package for firefox. It doesn't matter if it's a package built from source or not. If not, then a bit of patchelf usually is enough to make it working. That way you keep the nice guarantees of guix, while using your own packages.

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