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Just finished presenting how #SoftwareHeritage helps #Guix achieve reproducible deployment, including the latest advances around #Disarchive.

Great to have the opportunity to share with this fine audience!

And of course, 👍 to Timothy, Simon, and everyone who made it happen in the first place. 🙂

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So excited to be celebrating #SoftwareHeritage's anniversary at UNESCO + Inria today and in good company!

A crucial endeavor for #FreeSoftware and for #ReproducibleResearch that #GNU #Guix builds upon.


Hey ! Don't forget there's a packaging meetup this Saturday, November 27 at 2PM ET (19:00 UTC). This is the right time to learn about packaging, or work together on something you want to package. See you soon!

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Bientôt un deuxième ☕ Café #Guix en ligne où nous parlerons empaquettage, ‘guix import’ et #Guile !

📆 vendredi 26 novembre, 13h–14h CET

I was quite productive this week-end :)

- closed a number of obsolete tickets on the bug tracker
- updated most OCaml and Coq packages
- managed to get coq-semantics to release a new version :D
- Fixed two issues in the opam importer
- Got rid of some ocaml4.07-* packages
- Implemented v2 of a patch to decouple builds and downloads counts, so they can run in parallel (no more waiting unrelated downloads before building): issues.guix.gnu.org/39728

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Today is the day: a #Guix sprint to get the ‘core-updates-frozen’ branch in shape to be finally merged!
👉🏾 lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

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Nouvelle flânerie cartographique !
Faites chauffer la Delorean, votre Nimbus 2000 ou utilisez la Force et venez découvrir les lieux où les fictions rejoignent la réalité sur la carte du monde faite par tout le monde !

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The European OpenGHGMap by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and collaborators is a city-level CO2 emissions inventory for Europe

The model spatially disaggregates each country's official (Eurostat) CO2 emissions inventory to places using #OpenStreetMap



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@shibao Unicode has a lot of problems 👀 but just ignoring all of that and only using ASCII isn't gonna solve any of them

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If you’re wondering why things feel faster today, that’s probably because the man-db hook is gone:


Salut ! J'ai un pote qui a commencé une chaine YouTube. Il est très doué pour le dessin, alors je lui fait un peu de pub. Allez l'encourager, ça coûte rien ! Ça se passe par là par exemple :


(Si ça vous plait pas, passez votre chemin, hein)

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Submissions to guix-patches keep increasing, but the rate at which they’re closed doesn’t quite keep up:
debbugs.gnu.org/rrd/guix-patch (see “All bugs ever opened”)

How do #FreeSoftware projects encourage committers to review? Any insight to share?

#Guix thread: lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

(HT to zimoun)

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'guix shell' is among us! 🥳

Like 'guix environment' it'll help you spawn one-off environments and development environments, only more easily and more efficiently.

👉 guix.gnu.org/en/blog/2021/from 🐚

#GNU #Guix

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How well does #SoftwareHeritage archive source for #Guix packages? How does that evolve over time?

Timothy Sample publishes the first “Preservation of Guix Report”:
👉🏾 ngyro.com/pog-reports/2021-10-

For recent commits, 73% of the package source code is definitely archived! 👍🏼


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