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Aujourd'hui et demain, @OSM_FR et @Wikimedia_Fr sont présents au #TechInnVitré ! Passez découvrir les deux projets, on a des beaux goodies @Makemefamily @osm_bzh

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Quel sera le pourcentage final associé à la réponse A ?

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The LFS documentation is really amazingly good!

If you're interested in GNU/Linux I can only recommend doing this once in your life, you'll learn a lot!


It seems some people had the idea of running a survey and presenting the results on that exact topic!


mis#configuration :)

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Here's a question for you that could help with my research: have you ever had a incident that was related to a bad of a component that's not directly related to security (so not related to the bad configuration of a firewall for instance)?

Also, do you use any tool or process to ensure your applications are securely configured? (whatever that means for you)

Thanks for any answer you can provide :)

During the night, it tried to send an email to root, which bounced at my server, so it generated a new mail to say it couldn't deliver, which couldn't be delivered either of course. For some reason, monitoring started to go crazy and send mail every 5 minutes, which added to the mess. Not sure if this is me or really bad timing, but here is a graph. I'm so sorry :/

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Nothing... no mail came in since yesterday, but the server was up. So I checked the logs and found that it was rejecting everything. A single word in my configuration: alias
instead of virtual. Thankfully reconfiguring was almost instantaneous this time, so I started receiving mail again. But there were too many, coming from traduc.org servers (I'm part of the recipient list when mails are sent to the root user of this server).

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so yesterday evening I found out about a security issue in opensmtpd. I stopped my servers and reconfigured my machines. Went well on one server, except the new version of smtpd has a new configuration syntax. After updating it, it accepted to start and I had my second MX server running (the first is still down because it's a small ARM machine that's stuck building its kernel :/). Well... guess what happened this morning?

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Je n'avais jamais abordé le sujet de mon MOI++ dans mes vidéos, car c'est un concept difficile a expliquer correctement.

En en discutant avec @alex_technoprog@twitter.com on a pu aborder le sujet sous un angle intéressant je trouve.

Ecoutez moi ça :
#zététique 🤓

Also if you're wondering, the query looks for nodes only (since only nodes were imported), that are visible (bbox) and have not been modified since 2012 (the import took place in 2009, but overpass doesn't support dates before 2012). The idea is that if such a node has never been modified, it's probably in its original position, which is probably inaccurate.

And this looks pretty bad. I found my new hobby ^^"

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Forgot to give a description for the images: they are a before-after view of a small extract of the map. The first has a cross on the street with a label, the second has the same cross and label on a building that's now mapped as a place of worship and is shown with a different color.

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I've found recently that the US had a lot of nodes that come from an old import that is quite imprecise. Today I moved one of them to the correct position. How did I find this node?

You can run this query: overpass-turbo.eu/s/QdH (move the map to your city and click "run"). Then you can export (choose data and download as GPX) and put this in your phone. If you have you can then import this file in your favorites, give it a red color and fix all these points :)

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People from SPIP made the database column names in french.



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Une série de 12 tutoriels pour savoir créer une carte personnalisée et maîtriser #uMap : création du compte, personnalisation de la carte avec ajout de repères + infobulles multimédia, utilisation de calques, partage et diffusion, etc.
À connaître !

Hey I've taken a look at today. It's my first time trying to use an smt solver and I was kind of fascinated by the smtlib format. So I created a quick binding in you can find here:


It's pretty lame: you give it an s-expression, it converts it to a string, pass it to z3, and gets a string back which is parsed into an s-expression ^^"

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Hier j'ai utilisé openskimap.org pour trouver où aller faire du ski avec des enfants.
C'est encore une merveille, il y a même les plans des stations, merci les contributeurs 😘
#openskimap #openstreetmap

I'm happy to announce the release of version 0.5 🎉 . It is an application whose goal is to aggregate translation platforms under one interface.


This new version adds support for translating android projects, and github repositories (the tool will automatically do a pull request for you when you're done).

I guess :)

Je suis heureux d'annoncer la sortie de en version 0.5 🎉 . Il s'agit d'une application qui permettra à terme d'aggréger les différentes plateformes de traduction.


Cette nouvelle version prend en charge la traduction des projets android et la plateforme github (l'outil fera une « pull request » pour vous quand vous aurez terminé votre traduction).

j'imagine :)

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Guix officially is my preferred GNU/Linux distribution.

Cool package manager. Great docs. Expressive Scheme API. Easy to write new packages. Super friendly community.

I wish more people used and contributed to Guix.


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