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On se préoccupe beaucoup des BIAIS DE NOTRE JUGEMENT, mais en vérité ce n'est qu'une partie de nos sources d'erreur.
N'oublions pas aussi de nous préoccuper du BRUIT DE NOTRE JUGEMENT.

Mon épisode 34 est enligne ! 🤓

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#Irish street names in #OpenStreetMap, ní gá a bheith i do ghinias chun é sin a thuiscint. youtu.be/5pHjqF_KRhQ #léarscáil .@johncreedon@twitter.com .@ManchanMagan@twitter.com @osm_ie@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BUnicycling/status

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🐚 Proposing ‘guix shell’ as an improved ‘guix environment’:

If you already use #Guix or if you’re used to other “environment management” tools, feedback welcome!

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« GNU #Guix, vers une gestion de paquets plus sécurisée » (fév. 2021)

Article d’Édouard Klein pour MISC hors-série n°23.

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[Contributeurs] Comment maîtriser les connexions et déconnexions de chemins sur @josmeditor@twitter.com – à essayer, à adopter !

#OpenStreetMap #osmtip

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I'm almost done updating GNU Guix to GNOME 40! Took some time to fix the integration of some components such as GNOME Weather.

#guix #gnu #gnome

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It landed stealthily, earlier than expected, but it’s upon us: #Guix Home!

It allows you to declare and deploy your 🏠 “home environment”: config files, services, etc.

It’s very much subject to change but you can already give it a spin.

👍🏽 @abcdw, yoctocell, wigust, and everyone who’s helping!

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📢 Users and developers of #GNU #Guix in science & #HPC will be meeting on-line this Monday, Sept. 27th, at 9AM CEST (☕ time!):

We’ll be mapping out actions for the coming year.

Maybe you can join?

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Le festival de la Science Entre en Jeu a une date fin octobre : lascienceentreenjeu.fr/

Le thème de cette édition est « histoire et géographie » : si vous êtes doctorants dans ces thématiques (ou que vous pouvez aider à la création de jeux en général : programmeur, compositeur, etc.), je vous invite à regarder tout ça ☺

Aussi, ça peut être sympa d’aller voir une des créations de la dernière édition sur ce thème : clionautes.org/romanizer Ça vaut le coup d’œil ! ☺

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Comment se faire 10 000 boules sur le dos d’un artiste libre…?
(réponse : avec de la 💩🤢😡)
Témoignage de @davidrevoy, traduit en Français, sur le Framablog.

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A little update on this #Mastodon #map project. So many people have reached out to let me know of their server, and I've met so many people the response has been fantastic, and scratched a little 1990s bulletin board itch, meeting people from all over the world, thank you to everyone who has contributed links and feedback!

Over 80 servers mapped, still searching for something on the African continent! Madagascar is leading the way for now but I'm sure there are African servers somewhere...

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Good news for everybody using #tryton #erp: Tryton and (almost) all of its modules are in #guix now! So you now can have a fully reproducible installation of you organization/corporate software.

"Almost all" since I left away one package which's dependencues are to hard to package.

#reproduciblebuilds #odoo #erpnext

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From the Guix blog: What's In a Package? hpc.guix.info/blog/2021/09/wha

A look into how Guix aims for reproducibility, how packages can make this easy or (in this case) difficult, and how we all stand to benefit from buildable-from-source systems and stand to lose from opaque box binary-only approaches.

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“What’s in a package” 📦
👉🏼 hpc.guix.info/blog/2021/09/wha

This blog post was inspired by the sweat I put into packaging #PyTorch for #Guix and by a desire to understand what #pip & #CONDA were doing and to explain what’s at stake.

#infosec #ReproducibleBuilds #ReproducibleScience
Cc: @reproducible_builds

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#Guix just gained the ‘generic-git’ updater, meaning it can check for new releases for anything hosted on #Git:

That brings us to a total of 23 updaters covering close to 100% of the packages.

Next step is the bit that actually updates Git references in packages:

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Transforming OpenStreetMap into thick roads and intersections: an very nice post about creating assumptions on roads based on OSM a-b-street.github.io/docs/tech #osm #maps #streets #intersections #geometry

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📢 The #HPC and #ReproducibleScience users and developers of #GNU #Guix will gather on-line on Sep. 27th to plan for actions in the coming months:
lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui 👈

Topics include training, micro-architecture optimizations, archival, and more.

Join us & bring your own topics!


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