Crazy: @chbmeyer says he asked #Renault what kind of personal data his car collects & shares with the company. #GDPR

Here you go, dystopian shit:

- Charging history
- Temperature
- Unique car & battery IDs
- Kilometres driven (battery)
- Operational state of engine
- Driving & parking history
- Data on speed, acceleration & deceleration
- Number of times ABS has been activated
- When airbags are deactivated
- Name, first name & email of owner
- Other electric vehicles in vicinity
- Geolocation


@ilumium @chbmeyer

Nice... Dacia (Renault-owned) never answered to me.


Sandero 2021 model.
They do have emergency call system + GPS.

@ilumium @chbmeyer

@sebsauvage @Kelv1n @chbmeyer If you're based in the EU, would you have time to send a #GDPR complaint to your local #DPA? I think companies really need to start feeling the heat.


No response on twitter.
Web form can't take my complaint.
Email responded \o/... that the email address is no longer valid /o\

I'm getting tired of all this.

@Kelv1n @chbmeyer

@sebsauvage @Kelv1n @chbmeyer Hm, that's too bad. Some DPAs like Belgium only accept paper complaints. And also accepts paper as an option.

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