"It's amazing how quickly people retaliated against Blizzard for catering to China (this isn't the 1st time). It's also amazing how many people are using phones made in China and other stuff made in China"

[UPDATE] Si ça vous intéresse, j'ai fait une liste de mon "kit de base" pour le travail du cuir : cyphercat.eu/posts/artisanat/a

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"I bought prostetic eyes, they worked for a month until I started getting ads in my field of view. Then I became blind because I couldn't pay the subscription. The company died. Now I have a firmware maintained by German hackers, nightview doesn't work, but no ads."

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Global shipping companies comply with anti-air-pollution rules by dumping pollution into the sea, instead

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Apparently, Let's Encrypt changed their CDN provider from Akamai to Cloudflare in order to be able to terminate TLS sessions in their own infrastructure. This seems to have exposed a couple of client errors with case handling in HTTP requests and -headers that were previously hidden by CDN magic, see issues attached to community.letsencrypt.org/t/ne
Old versions of Dehydrated and acme.sh seem to be affected, in particular (and cPanel).


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Today, we found out that Google billed us 13,000$ in a year to display google maps; 💸

I would never have guessed that it would cost that much💸, we're "only" making ~150,000 requests per month !

Now actively seeking alternative such as @OpenStreetMap@twitter.com instead of @googlemaps@twitter.com

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"Quand Greta montre la catastrophe, l'idiot regarde Greta" Dessin de Marc Dubuisson (@Unpied@twitter.com) pour mazette.media

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