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nextcloud upgrade was very smooth once more, using cli updater. unfortunately collabora online (CODE) wasn't... took a couple of hours to fix errors/configurations, after upgrading collabora's packages..
loolwsd -> coolwsd, loleaflet -> browser, https termination for reverse proxy, adjust config, etc...

anyway, office document editing should be back working for all groups with permissions.

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23.0 is here

our nextcloud instance just got upgraded succesfully to latest version ("Running Nextcloud" )

learn more about Stin Priza's nextcloud instance : (greek lang only atm).

updated settings.yml to new searx 1.0.0 relevant entries...
- switched theme to default oscar with logicodev-dark style. (= priza theme needs updating, though it can still be chosen from preferences.)
- new engines added.
- some existing engines disabled by default for causing too many errors, others enabled.
- csp headers update.

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wow, that was easy + super fast!!

# apt install searx/testing
# service uwsgi restart

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after emergency-unscheduled reboot occured, raid resync was slowing down disk i/o operations. services ran slowly with lots of timeouts..

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(disk) trouble in secondary machine this morning. affected services :
secondary dns

everything should be working normally by now..

aws is a top cloud platform. for scammers and spammers mostly.
as FSF put it : "cloud is just other people's computers".. and amazon chooses to lease to anyone that pays.... good business plan, not everyone has their army of lawyers to backup such mafia practices..

a few email antispam changes :
- fixed/tightened up postscreen+DNSWL return codes. return code would come as allowed and permit spammers in.
- [old TODO] use of postwhite
- updated our own custom block lists for postscreen.

another example of why big hosting provider doesn't necessarily mean "guaranteed/secure"... :
advice : choose your friendly local tech coop over "big tech". Build a trust path with real people, talk to them with comfort-sincerity..., and along the way keep tech "grounded". :)

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"By selecting a reliable and secure Google Drive alternative, you will have more control of your data. You will also be supporting some great privacy-focused businesses (Nextcloud) while steering clear of surveillance capitalism."

NAPS2: Πρόγραμμα ελεύθερου λογισμικού για σκανάρισμα εγγράφων


web updates (week 45 - 2021) 

nextcloud host dist-upgraded to Debian 11 "Bullseye". very smooth dist-upgrade, minor adjustments in just a handful configurations.

nextcloud instance upgraded to latest version, and running with php8.0 now.

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web updates (week 45 - 2021) 

- updated roundcube webmail for shared hosting users. new version (1.5) comes with dark mode and mailvelope integration.
- supported wordpress websites got their regular updates already. just a few wordpress 5.7.3 -> 5.8.x updates pending, due to big changes in widgets.
also, a detailed list of abandoned plugins on all supported sites was created and is being processed.

coming up :
- nextcloud update to version 22
- web offer for registering/renewing .gr domains

contributors meetup 7/10/2021. Albanian & Greek speaking communities.

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