Hi mastodon what do you think of and how does it compares to I see more and more big opensource related channel switching to it like @lunduke or @gbryant.

@strikersan @lunduke @gbryant

One big difference is that lbry does not federalize with the fediverse, therefore having to make an account to interact there while you can follow a peertube channel directly from here on mastodon for example.

Also the biggest creator I've seen using peertube must be Chris Were, while libry has what you said for example.

But on the otherside I've found a lot of cool creators on Peertube

@strikersan @lunduke @gbryant

A giant issue for both platforms though is that hurt your youtube stats if you are on there. But that's mostly a issue for big creators.

If you are on other platforms your core audience will probably rather watch there and have a big impact on your view and minute stats hurting your youtube reach.

So peertube is probably more viable for smaller creators who aren't slaves to youtube yetAnd peertube is greatFor discoveribilly for newer creatorsAs thereIsLess noise

@strikersan @lunduke @gbryant

Can't really speak to the discoverybillity for small creators on lbry but I'm sure someone has insight for that.

@strikersan @lunduke @gbryant I would like to use LBRY but the biggest thing stopping me is the inability to save videos to a list for watching at a later date.

If there is actually a way to do this that I've missed please tell me!

@dextervolkman @strikersan @lunduke @gbryant
Just copy the url and save it in an org file with Spacemacs 😅

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