Are you a hardcore FOSS user or a pragmatic one? 🤨

@sxp I use Gaana for my music needs. FotMob to keep track of football matches. Meetup to meet new communities and a couple of wallet apps. You know the popular ones in India.

I consider myself serious on #foss with some exception at time.

1) AMD graphic driver

2) Realtek wifi driver

3) mp4 codec

4) youtube service

5) whatsapp


@noorul Yeah, pretty much the same here. Except for WhatsApp. 😬 Guess you have your own reason to use that abomination.

Reason to WhatsApp to communicate with leads, customers or associates instead of non encrypted Gmail.

Once I get close friends, associate, customers, I convince them to use #Telegram, #Signal or Matrix.

Still, WhatsApp is massively used in Asia.


@noorul For that purpose it's better than Gmail, I'll give it that.

BTW, are you running a custom ROM on your phone?

@sxp gmail doesn't have e2e encryyption. I can make others use gpg or pgp.

Where as whatsapp e2e encrypted.

U wanna say anything abt this?

Running ResurrectionRemix Oreo

@noorul That's why I said it's better than Gmail because it's got e2ee. 🙂 And you meant you CAN'T make others use gpg, right? Coz that's pretty complex.

I'm using Resurrection Remix Nougat. So far, so good.

Great ! My device is Moto G5 plus.

I wonder why there is no update from last sept.

Are developers working on #Android #Pie ?

Yes, u r right.

I cant request them to use pgp or gpg.
So for now, e2e instant messenger is way of communication.



My PC is almost completely free, except the BIOS.

I do have Netflix, a smart TV and a Nintendo Switch.

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