I watched the Indian war film, Uri, today and found it to be a decent film. It could've been a lot better, though, if the writer had stuck to the army instead of distracting the viewers with the army wala's story. At times it felt like I was watching an action film about the protagonist's personal vendetta. That said, the action's excellent and that makes this film worth a watch.

MBDA's successful anti-surface demonstration of the MISTRAL air defence missile.

'Khelo India' is a brilliant initiative taken by the government of . Hope it helps us unearth future champions. 💪

आज उरी का रात का शो देखने का मन था मगर काउंटर पे पता चला की पिक्चर house full है। 😭

'World Book Fair' is being held in New Delhi just as it has been for the past 47 years! But when I used to live in Delhi I never heard about it. 😑

आज बड़ा रोमांचक मैच होने वाला है और संयुक्त अरब अमीरात के बीच। ⚽

ओ भारतीयों! आज है। यह दिन हर साल १० जनवरी २००६ से मनाया जा रहा है। 🙌

Today's .

'Did you know for over 250 million people in India, Hindi is their native language? Fiji has adopted Hindi as their official language. It’s also the 4th most spoken language in the world today. , or , is celebrated every year on this day since 2006.'

Source: t.co/RJW8nRZan4

Bowl it like Bumrah! An Aussie kid tries to bowl like Jasprit Bumrah. 😃👏

Indian wedding. Seems like this groom doesn't have many friends. 😆

The never-ending battle between municipal corporation and hawkers.

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