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The child and the book

He grabbed the book
He opened the book
He stammered the first words
And he flew, carried by his imagination

This simple little magic moment was the first step towards independence
His mind taking the train driven by the author
" I can read" , he said, raising his eyes for a blink
Before getting caught up in the story

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10ème jour, 10ème photo.

Certains édifices religieux sortent du lot pour leur architecture comme la basilique du sacré-coeur, majestueuse, certes, mais c'est aussi un symbole politique pas forcément glorieux.
La grandeur peut avoir plusieurs faces...

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Sylvie.Photos a partagé
Sylvie.Photos a partagé
Sylvie.Photos a partagé

The world is a difficult place right now. I can not advocate turning a blind eye to struggles and hardships, but for those who've had an eyefull and need a break, I made a nice little game about cute bees that might make your day a little brighter <3 cheeseness.itch.io/hive-time youtube.com/watch?v=w4M6-zkLN6

Quand un talentueux et jeune créateur de jeux lance un appel
à visionner son travail
▶️ youtu.be/LJixgYGjnLo​

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I created an enticing story for my game, and I share it with you in this week's devlog. A game's identity might be the most important thing after the gameplay. I'm really proud of this video, I'm sure you'll like it 😃
▶️ youtu.be/LJixgYGjnLo

Sylvie.Photos a partagé
Sylvie.Photos a partagé

The next video about the backstory, lore, and the new title and logo of my game is planned for tomorrow on my youtube channel 😊! You can watch the previous devlogs in the meantime 😉 youtube.com/timkrief

N'en faites pas un fromage

Maître renard en avait eu assez
De lever le nez vers ce maudit corbeau
Prenant son élan pour se percher
Dans une dégringolade, il s'cassa le museau

Pas besoin de se presser, tu peux aussi attendre que le Munster soit assez fait pour chuter

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The first AUPYA Monthly Project Review is taking place tomorrow starting at 4pm CEST in our Discord server:

We gather to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved in our active projects.

All contributors to AUPYA projects are invited to join, as well as anyone interested in AUPYA’s work.

This time we will mostly be reviewing minimal, our most mature initiative at the moment.

See you there! 😉


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