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I can finally reveal my Halloween surprise! Here's an infinite void of procedurally generated rooms! It's a variation on the endless gallery but this time, rooms change when you're not looking at them! It's available for my patrons of any tier!

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New website finally online, let me know what you think about it 😉

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It's been a productive evening on @inkscape :) Worked on possible logos and coins for my SitCoin App!

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That's it the is live on @itchio ! I'll make an announcement video in the upcoming days, but you can already join! It'll take place in November, details can be found here:

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Tim Krief is an artist, engineer and indie game developer, who makes videos about game development and FOSS tools like @godotengine. You can follow at:

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Krief has an official site at

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at

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