@thasos That's why I'm becoming a billionarian. I only eat humanely farmed, locally grown, organic billionaires.

@thasos Sounds like someone who's downplaying issues caused by cars while trying to sound "funny"…

Actually, car are a big part of the problem. And not only because they pollute directly… Dumb fucks in power also destroy grass and trees in order to make "enough" parkings so tgey get elected again, but it's never enough because lazy-ass car drivers want to park just about anywhere so they don't have to walk more than 5 m between their cars and wherever they're going to/coming from….


Not to mention other (not related to climate-change) issues caused by cars, like noise pollution, or endangering pedestrians and cyclists by driving angressively and turning sidewalks and cycling infrastructures into fucking free parkings because they are too fucking lazy to walk a few more minutes per day, and too greedy… Obviously fuel is not expensive enough yet…

Fuck cars, fuck car drivers and fuck people who downplay the role of cars in pollution, as well as other issues.

@thasos Of course, fuck capitalists and billionnaires too. But that's implied anyway…

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