is a free service to remove the background of any photo. It works 100% automatically. is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. You can use these domains to access virtual hosts on your development web server. by is an open-source and self-hosted backend-as-a-service to develop serverless GraphQL backends. The Graphcool Framework offers an opionated backend setup, including GraphQL database mapping, subscriptions & permission system

Mavo - Create complex, reactive, persistent web applications by just writing HTML & CSS, without a single line of JavaScript and no server backend. Developed in the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL and led by @leaverou

Caddy - Caddy is the HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS. It is the only web server that uses HTTPS by default. A hardened TLS stack with modern protocols preserves privacy and exposes MITM attacks. by

Captain Duck Duck - Captain is an extremely easy to use app/database deployment & web server manager for your NodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, WordPress (and etc) applications. by @CaptainDuckDuck

The Power of Web Components - Despite the long standardization process, the emerging promise of Web Components puts more power in the hand of creators. (- Potch)

Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter app. that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

Pixelfed is a free and ethical photo sharing platform for everyone. Pixelfed is an open-source, federated platform. You can run your own instance or join one.

Chartify, charts made easy. The fastest way to create beautiful charts and graphs for your projects.

Jupyter is a web application used to program in more than 40 programming language. It allows you to create notebooks. These notebooks are used in data science to explore and analyze data.

Elmtown by Kevin Yank @sentience is a podcast about the people making and using the Elm language, and the things that they do. @elmtownpodcast

Laravel Charts is a charting library for laravel, and it's the only PHP package that's able to generate unlimited combinations of charts out of the box.

Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data. @metabase

Rico's cheatsheets, over 370 curated cheatsheets, by developers for developers @devhints

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Framapiaf est un service de microblog similaire à Twitter. Il est libre, décentralisé et fédéré. Il permet de courts messages (max. 500 caractères), de définir leur degré de confidentialité et de suivre les membres du réseau sans publicité ni pistage.