Hokus - Who is this for? For website developers that use Hugo and want to make the content of their static websites easy to edit, all for free and without having to pay for a server. For content editors that want to... hokuscms.com/

The perfect responsive menu - On a desktop, websites have the space to show the full menu, but on a mobile device that space isn't there, and you want to hide the... polypane.rocks/blog/the-perfec by @Kilian@twitter.com

Showdown - Showdown is a Javascript Markdown to HTML bidirectional converter, based on the original works by John Gruber. Showdown can be used client side (in the browser) or server side (with nodejs). showdownjs.com/ by @showdownjs@twitter.com

Grisdome starter blog - A simple, hackable & minimalistic starter for Gridsome that uses Markdown for content. gridsome-starter-blog.netlify. by @gridsome@twitter.com

Caddy 2 is almost there! - A brief video explanation of what Caddy 2 is: a web server that acts as both a content origin and reverse proxy, suitable for both personal projects... youtube.com/watch?v=S2YPlL7ADk by @caddyserver@twitter.com @mholt6@twitter.com

Git-ftp - If you use Git and you need to upload your files to an FTP server, Git-ftp can save you some time and bandwidth by uploading only those files that changed since the last upload. It keeps track of... git-ftp.github.io/ by @gitftp@twitter.com

Regex Crossword - This is a funny way to learn Regex. With Regex Crossword, welcome to the fantastic world of nerdy regex fun! Start playing by selecting one of the puzzle challenges below. There... regexcrossword.com/ by @omichelsen@twitter.com @mhmichelsen@twitter.com

Senior Web Engineer - 10Up is lookink for a Senior Web Engineer who is able to develop complex WordPress plugins and/or themes primarily using PHP,... 10Up / USA, Remote ok 10up.com/careers/senior-web-en fullstack by @10up@twitter.com

Pycon Balkan Belgrade, Serbia Oct 3rd, 2019 -> Oct 5th, 2019 - PyCon Balkan is an annual event that is held in various countries in the Balkan region since 2018. Main objective of PyCon Balkan is to connect the... pyconbalkan.com/ by @PyConBlkn@twitter.com

Paris Web 2019 Paris, France Oct 10th, 2019 -> Oct 12th, 2019 - Since 2006, Paris Web has been the must-attend event for French-speaking Web professionals. Paris Web conferences and workshops are organized by the... paris-web.fr by @parisweb@twitter.com

IconSVG - Customize your svg icon (color, size, background ...) and use it in your website. SVG, JSX, React code available. iconsvg.xyz/ by @gaddafirusli@twitter.com

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@getkirby@twitter.com Panel button to run PHP backend code and react on data returned: reload panel view, copy to clipboard, open url or trigger download file. It supports forwarding kirby query language to your backend code as well. 👨‍🔧 github.com/bnomei/kirby3-janit

🐦🔗: twitter.com/bnomei/status/1173

rrule.js - JavaScript library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates as defined in the iCalendar RFC and more. jakubroztocil.github.io/rrule/ by @jakubroztocil@twitter.com @lyschoening@twitter.com @davigoli@twitter.com

Appwrite - Appwrite cuts up to 70 percent of the time and costs required for building a modern application. We abstract and simplify common development tasks behind REST APIs, to help you develop your app in a... appwrite.io/ by @appwrite_io@twitter.com

Reason - Reason lets you write simple, fast and quality type safe code while leveraging both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems. Reason is not a new language; it's a new syntax and toolchain powered by the... reasonml.github.io/en/ by @reasonml@twitter.com

Hyperapp - The tiny framework for building web interfaces. Hyperapp is a modern VDOM engine with a declarative syntax that's easy to read and natural to write, Hyperapp is your tool of choice to... hyperapp.dev/ by @hyperappjs@twitter.com

11 benefits of tailwinds CSS - I’ve been using Tailwind CSS professionally almost every day for nearly two years. I love using it, and it’s made my development... laravel-news.com/11-benefits-o by @jasonlbeggs@twitter.com @tailwindscss@twitter.com

Public Speaking for Introverts - I'm not an extrovert. I don't like crowds. I'd rather be the trusted adviser than the guy in the spotlight. In high school, speech class gave me... dev.to/integerman/public-speak by @integerman@twitter.com

Front-End Software Engineer (100%) - To accelerate projects and growth, Nanolive is looking for strengthening its development team with a... Nanolive / Ecublens,Vaud, Switzerland nanolive.ch/jobs/ fullstack by @nanolive@twitter.com

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