:where() :is() :has()? New CSS selectors that make your life easier - This post show us how to use the new CSS selector :where() :is() :has() to make our... polypane.app/blog/where-is-has by @Polypane@twitter.com

Shrink Media - Reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing & reducing dimensions, and download the compressed images for free. shrink.media/ by @shrink_media@twitter.com

Shrink Media - Reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing & reducing dimensions, and download the compressed images for free. shrink.media/ by @shrink_media@twitter.com

Web Applications 101 - A great post on the evolution of web development from website to web application. robinwieruch.de/web-applicatio by @rwieruch@twitter.com

Sveltestorme - SvelteStorm is a Svelte IDE with built-in browser window which allows developers to easily view their application without having to switch to a separate window. Its state visualizer... svelte-storm.com by @StormSvelte@twitter.com

V language - Simple, fast, safe, compiled. For developing maintainable software. Despite being simple, V gives a lot of power to the developer and can be used in pretty much every field, including systems programming,... vlang.io/ by @v_language@twitter.com

Appsmith - A powerful open source framework to build internal tools. Quickly build any custom business software with pre-built UI widgets that connect to any data source. Control... appsmith.com/ by @theappsmith@twitter.com

Markdoc - Markdoc is a powerful, flexible, Markdown-based authoring framework. From personal blogs to massive documentation sites, Markdoc is a content authoring system that grows with you. markdoc.io/ by @stripe@twitter.com

Chakra UI Svelte - Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build your Svelte applications. chakra-svelte.vercel.app/ by @iamelcharitas@twitter.com

Web Development for Beginners - A Curriculum - 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics. github.com/microsoft/Web-Dev-F by @microsoft@twitter.com

Playwright - Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps. playwright.dev/ by @playwrightweb@twitter.com

Hyper UI - HyperUI is a collection of free Tailwind CSS components that can be used in your next project. With a range of components, you can build your next marketing website,... hyperui.dev/ by @itsmarkmead@twitter.com

Svelte Headless UI - Svelte Headless UI is an unofficial, complete Svelte port of the Headless UI component library. svelte-headlessui.goss.io/docs

Pro-Search - An advanced easy search query builder built with Svelte/Sveltekit. pro-search.io/ -Search by @bhekanik@twitter.com

Pixel Art Together - Pixel Art Together is a free multiplayer pixel art editor powered by Liveblocks. pixelart.liveblocks.app by @liveblocks@twitter.com

Start developing websiteslike it's 2025 - Build and deploy a modern SaaS application using the most popular open-source software. react2025.com/ by @leeerob@twitter.com

Shiki - Shiki is a beautiful Syntax Highlighter. It uses TextMate grammar to tokenize strings, and colors the tokens with VS Code themes. In short, Shiki generates HTML that looks exactly like your code in VS Code,... shiki.matsu.io/ by @octref@twitter.com

SupaComments - A blazing fast, lightweight, and open source comment system for your static website, blogs powered by Supabase. github.com/mcnaveen/SupaCommen by @softinttech@twitter.com

Kit-docs - KitDocs makes it easy to build a documentation site with SvelteKit. kit-docs.svelteness.dev -docs by @vidstackjs@twitter.com

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