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Single-spa - Single-spa is a javascript framework for front-end microservices. Use multiple frameworks in a single-page application, allowing you to split code by functionality and have Angular, React,... by

Babylonjs - Babylon.js 4.0 is here and marks a major step forward in one of the world's leading WebGL-based graphics engines. From the powerful new Inspector, best in class physically-based-rendering, countless... by

useAnimations - Animated icons in Lottie Framework and After Effects for immediate implementation to your apps or websites. by

Front End - Web Developer - A la carte Agency is looking for a... Agency a la Carte / Jacksonville, FL, USA front /UX /SASS by

Webdesigner / Developer - The web designer/developer will work with the director of web communications, along with the university... Loyola University New Orleans / New Orleans, USA front

React Week 2019 New York, USA Jul 15th, 2019 -> Jul 21st, 2019 - RWNY '19 is a week-long program dedicated to React and its ecosystem. The conference and workshops will feature advanced topics aimed at... by

JAMstack Conf Ldn London, UK Jul 9th, 2019 -> Jul 10th, 2019 - Attend the conference to learn how to design, develop, and deploy fast, modern web projects that run on JAMstack,... by

OwlCarousel2 - Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create a beautiful responsive carousel slider.

Movim - Chatrooms, articles, video-conferences, Movim centralizes all you need to communicate with your colleagues, friends or family in one simple interface. by

darkmode.js - Add a dark-mode / night-mode to your website in a few seconds. This library uses the css mix-blend-mode in order to bring Dark-mode to any of your websites. Just copy paste the snippet and you will get a widget...

How to Section Your HTML - The sectioning elements in HTML5 are <nav>, <aside>, <article>, and <section>. <body> is also kind of a sectioning element since all content lying inside of it is part of the...

Mindsdb - Mindsdb is a framework to streamline use of neural networks. MindsDB's goal is to give developers easy access to the power of artificial neural networks for their projects. by

Turbo console log - This VSCode extension make debugging much easier by automating the operation of writing meaningful log message.

Pock - Pock can place your macOS Dock inside your MacBook's TouchBar, letting you enjoy your screen in full-size every time! by

Librefox - Librefox: Firefox with privacy enhancements. This project aims at enforcing privacy and security of Firefox without forking the project. Librefox uses more than 500... by

Luna - Luna is an hybrid textual and visual functional programming. It's a data processing and visualization environment built on a principle that people need an immediate connection to what they are building. by

Reading Client-Side Files for Validation with Vue.js - Folks new to web development may not know that form inputs using the file type are... by

Google Analytics setup by Philip Walton - There are a lot of features developers would like that Google Analytics doesn’t track by... by

Using push notifications with Services Workers and Node JS - In this article, Marcin Wanago cover another feature that we can... Workers by

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Framapiaf est un service de microblog similaire à Twitter. Il est libre, décentralisé et fédéré. Il permet de courts messages (max. 500 caractères), de définir leur degré de confidentialité et de suivre les membres du réseau sans publicité ni pistage.