Activitywatch - ActivityWatch is an automatic time-tracking software which helps you keep track of what you do. It's an attempt to replace and improve existing services like... activitywatch.net/ by @ActivityWatchIt@twitter.com @ErikBjare@twitter.com

Front Conference Zurich Zurich, Switzerland Aug 29th, 2019 -> Aug 30th, 2019 - To build a kick-ass frontend, we rely on each other: Designers on developers, and developers on designers. But it’s often... frontconference.com by @frontzurich@twitter.com

WordPress Technical Lead - As a Technical Lead, your day-to-day includes working closely with clients and project managers; leading project teams... Kanopi Studios / USA - Remote kanopi.workable.com/jobs/88915 fullstack by @kanopi_studios@twitter.com

Senior Web Developer - Your day-to-day will involve bridging the gap between our UX designers and back-end devs so we... Shopify / Ottawa, Canada startup.jobs/senior-web-develo fullstack by @shopify@twitter.com

CONF: Push UX 2019 Munich, Germany Oct 24th, 2019 -> Oct 25th, 2019 - PUSH UX is a lovingly crafted platform for hands-on design professionals and creative technologists. push-conference.com/2019 by @pushconf@twitter.com

Photopea - Photopea is a free online alternative to Photoshop made by one developer "Ivan Kutskir". It supports PSD, Sketch, XD, XCF, RAW, PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, GIF, TIFF ... photopea.com/ by @photopeacom@twitter.com

Joomla 4.0.0 is coming! - Discover what's new in the last alpha release. It includes most of the Joomla Core library changes that will be included... developer.joomla.org/news/786- by @joomla@twitter.com @joomlaDeveloper@twitter.com

Frontend checklist - The Front-End Checklist Application is perfect for modern websites and meticulous developers! frontendchecklist.io/

Goobi - Goobi workflow is an open-source software application for digitization projects. It allows you to model, manage and supervise freely definable production processes. goobi.io by @goobi@twitter.com

On Moving to a Utility-first CSS Framework - Want to discover how to use an utility-first CSS Frameworky? Read this post from Debra Ohayon. familiar.studio/blog/utility-f by @FamiliarStudio@twitter.com

SSL Configuration Generator - Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator help you generate the right SSL configuration for your preferred web server. ssl-config.mozilla.org/ by @mozilla@twitter.com

Web Application Developer - Founded in 2006, SurveyGizmo is... SurveyGizmo / Boulder, USA surveygizmo.com/jobs/?gh_jid=1 back /Lumen .js by @SurveyGizmo@twitter.com

Graduate/Senior Web Developer - Our websites are primarily built in Wordpress while making use of Angular and React when... Daysix / Edinburgh, UK docs.google.com/document/d/1gV fullstack

Numverify - NumVerify offers a full-featured yet simple RESTful JSON API for national and international phone number validation and information lookup for a total of 232 countries around the world. numverify.com/ -API

Angular Denver Denver, USA Aug 1st, 2019 -> Aug 2nd, 2019 - This year, August 1-2, the second annual Angular Denver conference will bring more than 40 Angular Rockstar Speakers to The Curtis Hotel,... angulardenver.com by @angulardenver@twitter.com

Laracon EU 2019 Amsterdam, Netherland Aug 28th, 2019 -> Aug 30th, 2019 - Laracon EU hosts the largest gathering of Laravel enthusiasts in the galaxy. On 28th–30th August 2019, Amsterdam is THE place where... laracon.eu/ by @laraconeu@twitter.com

Pure CSS - A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project. purecss.io/

ProseMirror - A toolkit for building rich-text editors on the web. An ideal content editor produces structured, semantically meaningful documents, but does so in a way that is easy for users to understand.... prosemirror.net/ by @prosemirror@twitter.com

The 10 Component Commandments - This article will give you a quick introduction to some best practices within API design in general, as well as the definite list of 10... dev.to/selbekk/the-10-componen by @selbekk@twitter.com @caroline_odden@twitter.com

Hcaptcha - A new way to monetize your site traffic Do you use a captcha to keep out bots? hCaptcha is a drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA that earns website owners money and helps companies get their data labeled. hcaptcha.com/ by @hcaptcha@twitter.com


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