I don't post a lot on mastodon because usually, posts are lost in internet void. Can someone read this? I'm a FLOSS supporter and maker, a CS and electronics engineer and first and foremost an indie game maker. If you think you could like my toots, follow me and it'll give me a reason to post here on a regular basis 😊

@timkrief If we don't post on Mastodon because "nobody uses it", that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we don't interact with others, we're easily forgotten. Have we grown so used to artificially induced "engagement" that we don't know what to do without?


I don't have a lot of time left for mastodon, and I respect it too much to just automate tweet reposts here that will just create noise. I want to be more active here, and I'm being honest, knowing that people can see the posts I make is a strong reason for me to be.

PS: And since you answered, I now know that posts are properly shared accross instances :D (I genuinly doubted that before)

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