I'm going to continue working on my non-violent twsin-stick shooter game to submit it for the Godot Wild Jam too! Because I still have a lot to do to "finish it" and it gives me a reason to do so 😛.

(Plus I always wanted to join a 🥰)


So, the theme of the gamejam was "out of control". Here it's a twin stick shooter where you mind control a character to make them steal an emerald. The thing is the character you control wont cross the line, they wont shoot and kill people. You can shoot at walls to scare people away but if you try to shoot at people, your character will be paralysed and wonder why they tried to shoot someone 😅. If you get the gem you win. if people catch you you lose 😉.

@timkrief That sounds super cool! Game Jam such a great way to spur cool ideas like this. Are you planning on building on the project in the future?

@heroicsoftware I have too projects going on right now already, but my code is pretty clean so I might keep that for later development. You should check the game and the projects here:

I might even work on it a bit more and post a post-jam version at the end of the week 😉


I'm intrigued by the concept of a non violent twin stick shooter... So how does one win/lose at this game?

@Blort So the goal is to steal an emerald, if people catch you you lose. The twin-stick shooter aspect is that you can use your gun to scare people away but your character wont shoot on people. If you force them to do so, they wont and they'll be paralysed for a bit, terrified by the idea of killing someone ahah. I also explaned how the game works in this answer ;) :

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