The more I learn about Wayland, the less I think it's a replacement. I'm not okay with so many features being removed, with no real way forward to get them back, to call this a replacement. It seems like a cool technology tho, just not feel like a replacement to me.

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@timkrief The goal of wayland is seperate out responsibilities to other applications rather than having everything built into the display server like it's done with X. It does lead to basic features being missing until those applications do exist though/

@BrodieOnLinux First, I know it has specific goals and that's what makes it hard for me to see it as a replacement.
And second, I think some of those applications you are talking about will not be even build-able the way wayland works. I experienced that myself when I was working on a screen recorder/gif maker and people asked me to make it work on wayland. It was clearly not possible and not planned to allow me to get proper info to make it work (like window position)

@timkrief Screen recording is possible on Wayland, it just doesn't have a native capture API so the best portable solution relies on PipeWire

@BrodieOnLinux My issue was not the recording part, it was getting the window's position.

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