What is the game that you would recommend the most to someone that (wrongfully) thinks that "Video games are not art"?

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@timkrief Depends. Do you mean critics like Roger Ebert, or gamers who don't want their space invaded by media critics? None, because they're virtualized toys for children.

@timkrief None. If they say videogames aren't art, nothing will change their mind. They've already decided. It's not a reasoned position, it's what they want to believe.

@notimetoplay it was just a made up situation to try to get game titles that feel the most "like" art to you 😅

@timkrief It's still the wrong question. A child's doodle is art. Maybe not high art, but that's not what moves me.

@notimetoplay ok. I think "beyond good and evil" was one of the game that moved me the most. What was one of the games that moved you the most?

@timkrief Photopia made me cry. The King of Shreds and Patches terrified me. Pytho's Mask gave me warm fuzzy feelings. Both Pytho's Mask and Fallen London delighted me with their writing.

@timkrief how can the playful creation of fantasy worlds possibly not be art? For beginners: It is *literally* like creating hundreds of paintings/photographs per second. 😄

@timkrief Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's a game that people who don't play games easily can enjoy 😅 (also I really liked it)

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