I'm hosting sort of a "game jam" that does NOT feed into the crunch culture. It's the ! It's in November. Join us we are almost 200 participants!

@timkrief This looks like an awesome jam! I shared it with a couple developer friends of mine.
I appreciate you also mentioning accessibility. I doubt it'll result in any actually blind-accessible games, but one can hope!
Would you be OK with also putting your Mastodon profile as a contact option, not just your Twitter one? It's a good way to normalize Mastodon a little. :ms_smile:

@Mayana I mentioned the fediverse here, but yes, I think I could add my account here as a contact option too 😃

@timkrief I can't see what's on the image, but regardless, the more mentions, the better!
(Especially since M comes before T, so Mastodon should logically be mentioned first! :eyeless_grin: )

@Mayana oh I'm so dumb, sorry. Here's a transcript: "You're also invited to use the hashtag when sharing about the event and your progress on twitter, on the fediverse or other platforms!"

@timkrief Thank you! And no worries, you couldn't have known (although I obviously recommend pressing that "edit" button after adding your image in the future, just in case).
That's a nice mention! But I'm sure another couldn't hurt.

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