installing proprietary drivers on linux feels like asking for extra ham on your vegan pizza

@Cheeseness I don't see games as tools, I see them as piece of art, like movies and music, so I tend to see them as intelectual property more than closed software. Now if it's accessing my computer and doing unintinded things with it, it's not a game anymore, it straight up is a malware.

@timkrief I'm not sure why it makes sense to have different rules for tool creators and different rules for artistic creators (if there even is a defining line between them), especially when it comes to how much ownership they should have over their work.

I feel like there's a strong argument that could be made that artistic works being non-Free can be more harmful to culture than tools being non-Free.


I started writing other toots about this, but I feel like it's healthier if I don't 😅

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