Would a native linux weight tracking app be of any interest to anyone? I started one as a tool for myself, but would be interested in making it a thing for other people to use too.

@timkrief hi friend! I appreciate that you want to share the things you create, this is excellent! To me and a lot of other people, weight tracking has been a part of our eating disorders - that stuff can really mess you up. Not sure what I want to say with this, but maybe be careful with this thing, and take care of yourself!


@prosaluxemburg Thanks! The thing is, for some people, weight tracking is needed to stay healthy or improve health.

In this app I'm making I'm using multiple tools to make sure people aren't freaked out by day to day changes, for instance, as you can see on the picture, I'm using a smoothed trend curve to eliminate noise from signal.

I hope people that can be negatively affected by weight tracking will not do weight tracking.

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