Hi everyone here's a new edutainment video about visually understanding how the realistic materials work in games! Case in point with applying a PBR material in Godot Engine, and showing the effect of each layer tilvids.com/videos/watch/64893 via @tilvids (it's on youtube too youtu.be/JGr2UbNCbMI)

Thanks to @sylvie_photos 's artworks and the great , here's a first look at the endless gallery! An endless stream of procedurally generated rooms where an art expo takes place. The gif doesn't make it justice so go watch the video!

Here's the peertube link: tilvids.com/videos/watch/fa0e1

And the youtube link: youtube.com/watch?v=5u5u7BiJ6z

I just released a new version of Daedalus Demise and here's a announcement video going through the changes! youtu.be/48HjICAHi6Y and also a text based devlog on the page if you prefer that format timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demi

Mon jeu vient d'avoir sa première mise à jour et il est maintenant doté d'une traduction en Français! (allemand et espagnol ont été ajoutés aussi!) mais j'ai aussi ajouté d'autres petits trucs Voici le post à ce propos, hésitez pas à me demander si quelque chose vous intrigue! timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demi petite vidéo qui présente tout ça: youtube.com/watch?v=48HjICAHi6

That's it the drone is ready! I'll have a complete showcase video out tomorrow on my channel But here's a little preview in the meantime! It's really close to what controlling a real drone feels like!

I updated my Random Audio Stream Player Add-on for Godot Engine, the add-on for Randomized SFX and Audio. I use it in all my games, it's open-source, MIT Licensed and I just made a video about it youtu.be/yyVT8TT7sMw (peertube alternative: tilvids.com/videos/watch/6a275) @tilvids

Working on overlays to use for making videos directly using obs 😊

After some digging I was able to improve the UI further by making it so that you can select a folder instead of the samples one by one.

This add-on lets you select multiple samples that are then cleverly pseudo-randomly played to feel organic.

In this week's video I go in details about how the character works in the new 3rd person mode for my game @_Octahedrone where you'll be able to move around between levels for story bits and such!

There's now a view from the garage! 🎥

They had to enclose the sucking wormhole, it's too dangerous to be around! ⚠️

But you can go and hover above the blowing one if you feel like it! 🪂

Session 9/10: 31 hours in

This session was focused on polishing the game and starting the creation of an page for it!
Stay tuned, the final session starts in 2 hours, and I'll have to release the game!

Session 8/10: 28 hours in

General UI improvements including a massive map makeover, it's now a proper 3D model with a dynamic texture applied to it. I even made some icons to go on it!

Session 7/10: 24 hours in

We are getting close to the end of the challenge, time to start to work on the game's identity! The name will be Daedalus Demise! A logo and title screen were made!


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