I saw those two on a really steep slope the other day, it brighten my day 🙂

I can finally reveal my Halloween surprise! Here's an infinite void of procedurally generated rooms! It's a variation on the endless gallery but this time, rooms change when you're not looking at them! It's available for my patrons of any tier! patreon.com/timkrief

Croyez-vous au libre arbitre ? Peut-on vraiment être responsable ou méritant. Sommes nous vraiment les produits de nos choix ou nos choix sont ils les produits de ce que nous sommes. Énormément sujets vont s'éclaircir grâce à ce postulat de départ ! youtu.be/cusaEc7Nptc

Impressive stats for a mastodon post 😅. It feels really different to think about the 167 people favoriting this post all over the fediverse than to think of numbers from other traditional platforms. I'm impressed by what we're doing honestly 😅.

This meme wasn't from me BTW but I don't have the source.

Dialogic 1.3 is out! Check-out this video to see what's the feature I contributed to and how it works! youtu.be/B3LChmu_5qo

I'm going to work on my android app SitCoin this time around. Join and chill! twitch.tv/timkrief

A little nintendo switch DIY for you all! The cartridges are so easy to loose 🙄...


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