That's it the is live on @itchio ! I'll make an announcement video in the upcoming days, but you can already join! It'll take place in November, details can be found here:

It's been a productive evening on @inkscape :) Worked on possible logos and coins for my SitCoin App!

The virtual pet simulator made for is out 😘 !

@jdufour Made all the musics and did an astonishing job!

You can try it now here:

Go get your virtual pet!!! 😉

Oh and it's available on 👀

Gotta pet'em all 😽!
In today's stream, I made it so I can generate a lot of different looking pets so that your pet will be unique :D
I'm having a blast making this pet sim for with 😊.

There's a new video out We could ditch the pixels and keep the LowRez! LowRezJam is starting soon, so it's a fitting video
Watch it on peertube:

I made a web-extension to check the framerate on youtube video before clicking. It's already available on and it's

Figured out I would need some logo that isn't my avatar at some point so here it is! I'm already using it for the discord server and I might use it here and there from now on 😊

Hi everyone here's a new edutainment video about visually understanding how the realistic materials work in games! Case in point with applying a PBR material in Godot Engine, and showing the effect of each layer via @tilvids (it's on youtube too

Thanks to @sylvie_photos 's artworks and the great , here's a first look at the endless gallery! An endless stream of procedurally generated rooms where an art expo takes place. The gif doesn't make it justice so go watch the video!

Here's the peertube link:

And the youtube link:

I just released a new version of Daedalus Demise and here's a announcement video going through the changes! and also a text based devlog on the page if you prefer that format

Mon jeu vient d'avoir sa première mise à jour et il est maintenant doté d'une traduction en Français! (allemand et espagnol ont été ajoutés aussi!) mais j'ai aussi ajouté d'autres petits trucs Voici le post à ce propos, hésitez pas à me demander si quelque chose vous intrigue! petite vidéo qui présente tout ça:

That's it the drone is ready! I'll have a complete showcase video out tomorrow on my channel But here's a little preview in the meantime! It's really close to what controlling a real drone feels like!


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