Hi everyone on mastodon! I made a video with love and care recently youtu.be/gjk8LZWqhCQ

Any ideas of or libre video piblishing instance I could use and that would fit my content?

I made my game's 🌌wormhole logic work 🥰 !

A video of my week's work on it and how it works is coming to my channel youtube.com/timkrief on the beginning of the week 😉 don't miss it!

Morning: I don't know if this game idea is a good one anymore... 😑

Afternoon: This is the best idea ever! 🥰

Evening: What am I even doing with this prototype! 🤨

Night: I have to stop playing! but this is so cool! 😍

Doubting and having fun

"Are you making progress on your games?"

Me working on a shell .srt subtitles translator helping tool:
"It's complicated..."

😉 I recently added advanced settings with a proper GUI to my game made with

In this week's video I explain how I made those settings approachable for new players and I try to run the game on my laptop 💻


I made a written devlog about how I add characters to my game: timkrief.itch.io/craftycounty/

There's also a video version of this devlog if that's of your liking: youtube.com/watch?v=mrn86WNZYN

I'm using to make the art, to make the soundeffect, and everything is imported in , it's a full FLOSS process :)

I'm going to continue working on my non-violent twsin-stick shooter game to submit it for the Godot Wild Jam too! Because I still have a lot to do to "finish it" and it gives me a reason to do so 😛.

(Plus I always wanted to join a 🥰)

🥳 I'm really excited to show you the 🎮 side project I've been working on and why I'm even working on a side project in the 1st place! 🎉

Go watch:
➡️ youtube.com/watch?v=TU2KMGaUWW

I don't share a lot on mastodon :/ To catch up, here's the last feature on my main gamedev project!

In the top right corner, you can now see the next 3 buildings that want to join your town 😊🏬🏡🌳!

Place them wisely to make clever merges later 😉

I added a cool easter egg to the advance wars clone I had to code as a school project. A nice treat for the ones who want to test the limits of the "zoom out" 🤣.


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