I can finally reveal my Halloween surprise! Here's an infinite void of procedurally generated rooms! It's a variation on the endless gallery but this time, rooms change when you're not looking at them! It's available for my patrons of any tier! patreon.com/timkrief

Dialogic 1.3 is out! Check-out this video to see what's the feature I contributed to and how it works! youtu.be/B3LChmu_5qo

I'm having fun with this! I completely changed the input system and I'm ready to work on the level generation now.

Cheese @Cheeseness released a new game, go check it out ;) One more game made with and natively playable on :) cheeseness.itch.io/bat-egg

Currently back at work on Octahedrone , working on this after getting all the feedback from the closed demo is as exciting as working on a new thing :) This time keywords are Scoped Down and Focused

The virtual pet simulator made for is out 😘 !

@jdufour Made all the musics and did an astonishing job!

You can try it now here: timkrief.itch.io/mini-pet-64

Go get your virtual pet!!! 😉

Oh and it's available on 👀

Got my gamejam game to go from 30fps to 144fps by replacing some dynamic CSG nodes with actual meshes 😏

Gotta pet'em all 😽!
In today's stream, I made it so I can generate a lot of different looking pets so that your pet will be unique :D
I'm having a blast making this pet sim for with 😊.

There's a new video out youtu.be/_bcQldBMIxM We could ditch the pixels and keep the LowRez! LowRezJam is starting soon, so it's a fitting video
Watch it on peertube: tilvids.com/videos/watch/ca9b3


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