I just released my new game, Daedalus Demise! Check it out on timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demi

It's available, of course, on Linux, but also on Windows and Mac OSX. If you play, tell me what's your best score (mine is floor -12) and rate it 5 stars if you liked it 🙂

Could you boost this toot fediverse so that the launch get some exposure? Thanks 😅

Session 9/10: 31 hours in

This session was focused on polishing the game and starting the creation of an page for it!
Stay tuned, the final session starts in 2 hours, and I'll have to release the game!

Session 8/10: 28 hours in

General UI improvements including a massive map makeover, it's now a proper 3D model with a dynamic texture applied to it. I even made some icons to go on it!

Session 7/10: 24 hours in

We are getting close to the end of the challenge, time to start to work on the game's identity! The name will be Daedalus Demise! A logo and title screen were made!

Session 6/10: 21 hours in


I added pickaxes that allow you to break walls if you don't have much time left! I also started making adding music and sound effects

Session 5/10: 17 hours in

The game now has a failstate thanks to a timer, you can also collect a compass to help you find your way out! (on top of other various other improvements of course)

Session 4/10: 14 hours in

The transition between levels has been improved and the levels are starting looking different from one another! The wall thickness is variable 🤯

Session 3/10: 10 hours in

You can now visit multiple levels in this endless maze and collect maps along the way to find the exit! The lighting was greatly improved too to add an horror tone!

Session 1/10: 3 hours in

Good start! I'm going with a first person maze kind of thing and I already figured out the maze generation algorithm! Everything is still a placeholder but that's pretty normal at this point!

The game is starting to feel much richer with all the visual and gameplay variety from level to level I recently added!

If you've missed it, here's the latest devlog about it: youtu.be/UdYKLcMPDQM

I finally added some level variety! Now that the gameplay looks fine, I have to start making levels. It's finally time for all my work to shine! Watch the video here:

I'm introducing some 2D levels for my 3D game. You're drone is just stuck on a 2D plane and the camera is now using orthogonal projection! It's going to add some spice to the game! I'll talk about that more in tomorrow's video!

I improved the circle bar for my game Octahedrone, thanks to I was able to make the thing easily configurable!

Wait I almost forgot to share that here, shame on me ! youtu.be/wE7FN2bh5gI it's my retrospective of my work in 2020 as an indie dev using Free/Libre and opensource tools.


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