Currently back at work on Octahedrone , working on this after getting all the feedback from the closed demo is as exciting as working on a new thing :) This time keywords are Scoped Down and Focused

The virtual pet simulator made for is out 😘 !

@jdufour Made all the musics and did an astonishing job!

You can try it now here:

Go get your virtual pet!!! 😉

Oh and it's available on 👀

Got my gamejam game to go from 30fps to 144fps by replacing some dynamic CSG nodes with actual meshes 😏

Gotta pet'em all 😽!
In today's stream, I made it so I can generate a lot of different looking pets so that your pet will be unique :D
I'm having a blast making this pet sim for with 😊.

There's a new video out We could ditch the pixels and keep the LowRez! LowRezJam is starting soon, so it's a fitting video
Watch it on peertube:

There was no community on @Liberapay so I made one, come and join it if you are a Godot Engine Dev/User/Contributor 🙂

Here's the details I shared during the about my game Octahedrone and how it works ! 😊

Hi everyone here's a new edutainment video about visually understanding how the realistic materials work in games! Case in point with applying a PBR material in Godot Engine, and showing the effect of each layer via @tilvids (it's on youtube too

Thanks to @sylvie_photos 's artworks and the great , here's a first look at the endless gallery! An endless stream of procedurally generated rooms where an art expo takes place. The gif doesn't make it justice so go watch the video!

Here's the peertube link:

And the youtube link:

That's it the drone is ready! I'll have a complete showcase video out tomorrow on my channel But here's a little preview in the meantime! It's really close to what controlling a real drone feels like!

I updated my Random Audio Stream Player Add-on for Godot Engine, the add-on for Randomized SFX and Audio. I use it in all my games, it's open-source, MIT Licensed and I just made a video about it (peertube alternative: @tilvids

After some digging I was able to improve the UI further by making it so that you can select a folder instead of the samples one by one.

This add-on lets you select multiple samples that are then cleverly pseudo-randomly played to feel organic.

Starting! Back at work Live on the game Daedalus Demise made with Godot Engine

How I made a game in 35 hours without breaking a sweat using only free/libre and opensource tools!

Boosts appreciated ;)


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