By using, contributing & supporting FLOS tools, more and more of the tooling we need to actually start making games are being shared and worked on by everyone instead of being something all teams have to either make themselves or become dependent on other companies to get.

Hey everyone! I decided to start making monthly update videos so that people can follow my progress and get to know what I'm working on. It's also a great opportunity to interact and to use video as if I was having a monthly meeting with the viewers 😅 Hope you'll like the first iteration, let me know if you have any advise for the next months!


via @tilvids

I made a web-extension to check the framerate on youtube video before clicking. It's already available on and it's

I updated my Random Audio Stream Player Add-on for Godot Engine, the add-on for Randomized SFX and Audio. I use it in all my games, it's open-source, MIT Licensed and I just made a video about it (peertube alternative: @tilvids

Automating a noise reduction filter presents two main issues. I found nice and "clever" ways of dodging those issues, I explain and try to vulgarize them in my latest video: 😊

Wait I almost forgot to share that here, shame on me ! it's my retrospective of my work in 2020 as an indie dev using Free/Libre and opensource tools.

Thanks a lot @BrodieOnLinux for the shoutout in your last video! Check it out, the other shoutouts are really great, it's an honor to be mentioned along side them, and the video is well made!

It's some Holidays Miracle 😅. Have fun and take care everyone!

Did you know you can create that kind of patterns with only the streaming software OBS 🤯 Yeah I know it's crazy!

It's because you can use it as a massive cellular automaton, I explain that here:

Got something to run on my android phone. The process was pretty straight forward. It opens a world of possibilities. Not just for games!

🥳 I'm really excited to show you the 🎮 side project I've been working on and why I'm even working on a side project in the 1st place! 🎉

Go watch:

If you want to get rid of sneaky web-design clickbaity mind-controlling techniques that influence you and make you waste time and money, try to change the web experience with me, by using/contributing to my free and extension minimal.

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